Dear friends,
I have developed my interest in the field of the Geopolitics of Energy (oil and gas) concerning the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) over the course of several years. My educational and working background helped me to become an energy specialist in relation to business development and corporate diplomacy (policy, government, and public affairs) in the MENA region. 
My approach to energy geopolitics is quite new. Differently from many of the present actors in the field, I have developed an up-to-date and complete approach putting emphasis on the legal, economic, and political aspects of the energy business. In fact, despite the complexities of the MENA energy sector, my basic idea is that a business approach encompassing at the same time legal, economic, and political aspects should always guide our decision-making process.
I am passionate about constantly improving my skills and knowledge in order to provide the best professional service to my clients. My analyses on www.alessandrobacci.com well showcase my approach. I am now based in London, United Kingdom, but before I lived also in seven other countries (Italy, France, Singapore, Syria, Lebanon, the United States, and Canada). Having spent almost four years in the Middle East and speaking a good Lebanese reinforces my credentials as a MENA business expert. I am a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (A.I.P.N.).       
My work is relevant to:
  • Energy Companies — Do you need an energy specialist who can easily deal with local governments? I can implement your projects in the region while being the reference point for legal, economic, and political issues.   
  • Professional Consultancies — The MENA energy sector has become more complex and probably also there the days of "easy oil" are gone. Yet, I could be an important resource being fully aware of the industry's present developments.  
  • Governments — Many times the relations between governments and international oil companies (I.O.C.s) are difficult. My expertise may smooth the tense communications and may help governments to implement a win-win game with I.O.C.s.       
  • Think Tanks — I can help gathering timely intelligence and developing scenarios in relation to energy issues in the MENA. My approach, based analyzing at the same time legal, economic, and political aspects may well serve the type of analyses carried out by think tanks.     

If you need expertise with reference to business development and corporate diplomacy as for the MENA energy sector, please feel free to write me at the following e-mail: alessandro.bacci.fossi@gmail.com 

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  1. Ciao Alessandro,

    Mi chiamo Paul Antoun sono Svedese e con quaesta lettera vorrei informarti un po sopre la nostra azienda.
    la mia ditta lavora nell ambito di sicurezza per oil and Gaz Plattform e protezioni di VIP places. Abbiamo dei soluzioni unici con delle rete sotto aqua e sulla superfice ed abbiamo concluso piu di 50 projetti nel mondo.
    vorrei sapere se questo temo puo esser interessante per te e nella tua attivita.
    grazie per la tua risposta. Paul 0046707207784 paul@swedsihsolution.eu
    NB: noi non abbiamo sito internet e non annuciamo i nostri soluzioni perche lavoriamo direttamente con il usuario finale.