Imaginary Drawing of the House of Wisdom Library
Imaginary Drawing of the "House of Wisdom" Library — Source:


Legal Insight: Can Iraq's Supreme Court Decision in Case 59 and Unified 110 Negatively Affect Investors in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq (KRI)? (2022) (for IHS Markit Subscribers Only)

Legal Insight: Investor Protections in Algeria (for IHS Markit Subscribers only)

Legal Insight: Algeria's 2019 Hydrocarbons Law — An Assessment Two Years On (2021) (for IHS Markit Subscribers only)

Legal Regimes Alert: EGYPT — EGAS 2021 Limited Bid Round — Bidding Procedures (2021) (for IHS Markit Subscribers only)

Legal Insight: The Main Terms and Conditions Introduced in Egypt's 2021 Bid Round Held by EGAS and EGPC (2021) (for IHS Markit Subscribers only)

Safeguarding Investments in Egypt - A Detailed Look at the Country's Stabilisation and Arbitration Terms (2021) (for IHS Markit Subscribers only)

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