Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Books Worth Reading: 2012 MODEL INTERNATIONAL JOA (or future revised versions) by the AIPN

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2012 MODEL INTERNATIONAL JOINT OPERATING AGREEMENT (2012 edition or more recent editions)

From the A.I.P.N. website:

The Board of Directors of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (A.I.P.N.) published the most recent version of its Model International Joint Operating Agreement (J.O.A.) in 2012. However, an A.I.P.N. committee is currently undertaking the revision of the 2012 Model J.O.A. Among issues to be presently examined are whether there have been developments in the international petroleum industry over the past 7 years that make changes or additional clauses necessary, and whether any provisions (or alternative clauses) are no longer relevant.

The A.I.P.N.’s J.O.A. is the most widely used joint operating agreement in the international upstream oil and gas industry. It was first published by the A.I.P.N. in 1990, and then it was revised in 2002 and in 2012.

The A.I.P.N. publishes a series of hydrocarbon-related model contracts to facilitate the negotiation of energy transactions around the globe. The J.O.A., Guidance Notes to the J.O.A., and other model contracts can be found at the A.I.P.N.’s website,

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