Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Books Worth Reading: SERGIO MARCHIONNE by Tommaso EBHARDT



From Amazon:

The leadership, the impossible challenges, the strategies, the secrets of the manager who transformed Fiat into a global group

In fourteen years, Sergio Marchionne increased the value of the group on the stock exchange more than ten times. He transformed Fiat from an Italian company on the verge of bankruptcy to a powerful global company. He attacked the markets. He thought big. His choices, never taken for granted, exalted investors, but they attracted him accusations such as that of having moved the center of gravity of the company away from Italy and that of having trampled on the rights of workers. Who was Sergio Marchionne, a visionary and divisive leader, and what does it remain of his legacy? Tommaso Ebhardt — who chased him for ten years from one end of the world to the other — portrays in this book a complex figure, who gradually reveals himself to the journalist in swift jokes, several professional occasions, and precious two-people meetings, with microphones turned off. The story begins in December 2008 with the Chrysler operation; the journalist reconstructs the historic milestones, the failed projects, Mr. Marchionne’s leadership ... And he looks at what remains of FCA after Mr. Marchionne’s tragic death. But above all, Mr. Ebhardt investigates the beliefs, interests, and private feelings of a very reserved man, who nevertheless had sometimes entrusted him with his thoughts, publicly recognizing him as "his most affectionate stalker," and he tries to understand the secret of Mr. Marchionne, who as an unknown outsider, became one of the most successful managers on the international markets.

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