Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Books Worth Reading: THE PROJECT FINANCE LAW REVIEW by David F. ASMUS (Editor)


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From the Law Reviews:

The Project Finance Law Review provides a living guide to project finance worldwide. Updated on a regular basis, it tackles the core project finance concepts that every practitioner needs to understand – covering the most salient legal and commercial issues while also addressing key emerging trends and topics.

In this book:

·        Editor's Preface
David F Asmus, 
Sidley Austin LLP

Part I Overviews

·        What is Project Finance?
David F Asmus, 
Sidley Austin LLP

Part II Project Components

·        Project Finance Arrangements in General

·        Government Investment Agreements, Concessions and Permits

·        Core Project Agreements

·        Lenders’ Relationships with Project Counterparties

Part III Financing Sources

·        Bond Markets and Debt Placements

·        Commercial Lenders

·        Government Funding

·        Multilateral Lenders and Regional Development Banks

·        Export Credit Agencies and Insurers

Part IV Collateral and Guarantees

·        Typical Security Arrangements for A Single-Source Project Financing: A Spanish Perspective

·        Completion Guarantees

Part V Selected Risk Considerations and Mitigation

·        Counterparty Risk

·        Construction Risk

·        Dispute Resolution and Conflict of Laws Risks

·        Social Responsibility Risk

Part VI Other Specialised Topics

·        Tax-equity Financing

·        Islamic Finance